Kickin' Flips is specially designed for the preschool aged child. Our goal is to teach children in a non-competitive, goal oriented environment that will enhance a child's education, as well as teach proper skills and technique in the sports they choose.
These programs will develop your child's agility, coordination, flexibility, and strength. They can provide a head start for your children in just about any sport they choose in the future.


Age 3 1/2 to 5
Our Kickin' Karate program will provide your child with many lifelong benefits. This program is structured specifically for the preschool aged child and will focus on the needs of each and every student. These classes will cover the basics of karate as well as eye/foot coordination, basic motor skills, and various fun and exciting activities. Other important areas covered will include healthy eating habits, cooperative social skills, awesome teamwork and small goal setting. Classes will be instructed in a safe, fun and exciting environment with plenty of positive reinforcement.


Ages 2 to 3 1/2
In our Tiny Tumbling program, classes are structured to cover the basics of tumbling and motor skills. Your children will be introduced to many events such as balance beam, basic roll mat, bar techniques and flat mat. Other areas to be covered will be shapes, colors, basic body parts, movement and body awareness. This class will prepare your child for the Jumpin' Gymnastics program as well as encourage them to explore and challenge themselves in a fun and positive environment.


Ages 3 1/2 to 5
Our Jumpin' Gymnastics program is designed to give your child a head start in the basics of gymnastics. This program is structured specifically for the preschool aged child and will cover events such as tumbling, vaulting, balance beam and bar techniques. This program not only focuses on the basics of gymnastics but also will cover important skills such as correct posture, proper breathing, flexibility, efficient body movement and the "I Can Do It" way of thinking. With our many themes this week your child will build a strong foundation for future success in any sport they choose.


Ages 3 1/2 to 5
The Funtastic Fitness program is designed to promote sports development for the preschool aged child. Our program will develop skills in many areas such as basketball, bowling, basic tumbling, football, hockey, kickball, soccer, t-ball and volleyball. These skills will give your child a head start with physical development and teamwork, and will prepare them for any athletic program they may choose in the future.


Campers 7 to 11
Campers will enjoy summer break with our fun and exciting field days. Each week will be action packed with age appropriate, non-competitive activities for summer camp. Each week will focus on a different theme, promoting a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem for all participants.
Summer themes will include: water challenges, awesome relays, team challenges, large and small group activities and much more. Don't miss the fun and don't forget your water bottle!